Monday, September 24, 2007

Story idears to consider

Premise: With great power comes great responsibility

-Imagine the Ox as a character more with the mind of an eager, naive child. Less of an ADD- stupid character.

-His tail has a different personality. Tail represents authority, and whips Ox when he misbehaves. Tail wants to follow the rules.

-When the Heavenly emperor gives the Ox the task to deliver the message, he also grants him great, god-like power while on earth. Essentially, whatever the Ox says manifests itself into reality.

-Ox is eager to please the emperor

-Ox gets to earth and sees the starving people with his own eyes. They look absolutely pathetic, on the brink of death, and this invokes sympathy from the Ox. He has an epiphany. He realizes he has the absolute power to change things for the better down on earth. Realizing that the Emperor's promised amount of food is nowhere near enough, the Ox changes the message and says they can have 3 meals a day.

-All villagers are ecstatic at the huge amount of food that suddenly sprouts up. Tail WHACKS the ox in the face and points up towards the emperor, who is PISSED.

-Emperor punishes the Ox since he promised more food than the people could ever hope to harvest on their own. Since they cant do it alone, the Ox must take responsibility for his action.

Basically the Ox is given the power to change things, and does, but now he must also realize the consequences of those changes.


andy Zeng said...

spider ox!
i think it's a really good change. give the ox a motivation. i think we better show the ox is selfish at the beginning. when the heavenly emperor gives him the task, he doesn't want to do because he doesn't care about the human and think the task is wasted his time. then he changes his mind when he sees the people even he knows he will be punished. isn't it called character arc?
and i am thinking about gives more characters to the human. why do the human still enslave the ox after the ox gave them a huge help? they suppose to appreciate the ox.

LeMark said...

i changed a few things in a more recent post, i remembered also that we mentioned another type of character arch. we start off with a more selfish/proud character .... check it out

brockorama said...

I wouldnt consider it enslavement, perhaps its more like he's now an equal to the humans, and he's gotta pitch in now for food as well.