Sunday, September 23, 2007

Alternate Ending

Hey I just thought I'd share another way we could end the story. The way it is currently is a bit on the tricky side. This version has God punish the Ox almost immediately for his error so we can get to the ending. I loved the butterfly bit at the end so I kept that in.

Oh and heres some sketches of the Ox when he is first revealed w/ the butterfly. I thought maybe his ass could be towards the audience, and then he realizes he's the center of attention and twists around, first his front legs, then his hind legs into a heroic pose.


“Three times a day!”

*Sprouts erupt all over the ground. The people cheer and carry the Ox around on their shoulders. Emperor-Moon is outraged*

“The instant the Ox spoke the proclamation, it became the law of the land. The Heavenly Emperor could do nothing, as his word, whether delivered by a lowly underling or his own supreme self, was as immutable as stone, as inevitable as the monsoon.

*full shot of Celestial Ox, STRUTTING through fields of green sprouts with a PROUD, SATISFIED look, passing by people working the fields.

“There was one thing the Emperor could do however…”

*BAM!! A huge yoke SLAMS from offscreen right onto the Ox’s neck. Zip pan up to the heavens where we see the Emperor slapping his hands together in a dust-off motion.

*Close up of Ox’s face, nervous in the yoke, as his celestial glow fades and his colors become more neutral. Quick zoom out to reveal yoke is attached to a plow, with a villager at the end

“The Emperor knew the people would have no physical means to gather such a large amount of food in such a short time.”

*Whip cracks in Ox’s ear. Ox is panicked, and struggles to get going and slowly, moves the plow forward after much effort.

“ the Emperor saw it fit that the Ox amend his error. By spending eternity on earth, plowing the fields to supply the promised food for all mankind."

*Ox is looking miserable, but soon perks up and forgets that he was ever sad as a butterfly flutters past.*



Angeline said...

I like that ending better, since it allows us to shorten the film. Does the ox realise his mistake, though? It's not really clear in this ending, the emperor just slams the yoke down on him (great visual!) and he's all sad. Perhaps he could say 'three meals a day!' triumphantly, and then realise immediately when so much growth happens that he's made a mistake, and that he's delivered the wrong message. Then he'd be punished, and be sadly start to plow the fields, until he's distracted by a butterfly and is happy again.

brockorama said...

I like that. Maybe he could even have a "guilty" look on his face when he's being hoisted up and celebrated by the villagers. He knows he screwed up, but he got away with it! If only for a short while

Coelasquid said...

I like it, but the only problem I can find with it is the same one we had when we were originally throwing around the idea of having the villagers ganging up on him. If he just promised them all this food, why would they start whipping him? Still, that's just a tiny detail, probably wouldn't be too hard to make it work.