Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here's my idea of the back-story: there's only one tree in the plane. Several humans settled down around the tree. They ate the fruit from the big tree(it's the only food source). They thanked the God and built a temple in the tree. They burned half of their food and offer to the God. However, because of the population issue(people used the bark to make building and/or pollution), the big tree dead. No food anymore....then our story start at this moment...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Rough animation

Of the tic tac toe scene. And I mean ROUGH. Just figuring some stuff out, seeing what works. Click the above image to view.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

ox revisions

i did some minor touch ups that i find fixes a few problems with the original drawings, tell me what u think; by basing off brocks designs, i added the musel of home on the range from disney to fix the Pig face effect, and attached the eyes to the musel in order to have an interaction with the mouthdirectly.

Fun Pack templates

So we have something to start Fun Pack fun....!

Thumbnailed sections....

Just in case anyone is confused, here is a review of what section you should be thumbnailing for our meeting on Monday with DQ:





Here is the original post on this:

The only changes to the story since then is the absence of a physical Emporer/God, and the people eating/starving at beginning. If you have any other ideas or whatever, board them in! We'll discuss everything Monday.
Thanks Guys!

Concept sketches of the Ox and some humans. see everyone on Monday, Rock on Penguins!

Friday, October 26, 2007



I don't know who's in charge of storyboarding the setup, but I'd love to work on that part, have lots of drawings and ideas.


I know that these designs are not to be adopted,but I just felt like showing the exploration process.

Character study for Humans2

Character study for Humans

DQ- HI all my flightless feathered friends

I have a question for ya to ponder for our next meeting on Monday

who are these starving people ?
since you have changed the people from Chinese to generic ( and thats ok )

I do not get a sence of them...I would like ask to you to think about a few things or I feel the story will go flat.. we as the audience need to have empathy for these people
but to do so you need to create a culture ( new and fake) that we get a sense of history, back story, present, even future to relate too
and especialy they tribe or group of peoples sense of religion so the worshiping or beliefs in the gods help us believe in the people ( makes them more real to us)

I am not saying that you will explain this directly in your film but it will you help to work out how to perform the characters and give a sense of being that the audience can relate to.

this is not easy( creating a culture from scratch) but I feel it is necessary for you to make the right story and character choices

This I hope will also help the audience Identify with the celestial characters and stars and unify your story it a common motif or historical relationship

I think this is a great story and full of animation story potential
you are all on the right track , and I just want to get you thinking learning and dicovering

keep up the great work
see you on Monday


Wednesday, October 24, 2007

My concept from today

I thought I'd post this for good measure!

layout and secondly character...

Fun pack examples

I found these in Mark's handouts - they should be helpful for us to know what needs to be in the fun pack. Looks like no colour stuff, just linear examples of the characters, layouts, etc. That's a bit easier at least!

**Remember for our next meeting with DQ on Monday @ 5 PM please bring some rough thumbnails for your section of the the film. [Refer to an earlier post when we did sections of beat boards when we presented to DQ earlier - just do the same section as you did before.]

***Use the template as posted earlier as well so we all use the same size thumbnail templates.

To review for the style decisions from today's meeting, for right now we will use Brock's ox design, Kamal's secondary character design, and Andy's layout design. [Can you guys post these from what you brought to the meeting?]

Thanks Guys!

Ox design from meeting

Squash him, stretch him, keep him flexible!

Monday, October 22, 2007

Earle layout reference

From Pigs is Pigs, image from the Cartoon Modern book

Sunday, October 21, 2007

Screen caps and the like from Pigs is Pigs

Guinea pigs. They're just shapes with features, but they still managed to get expressons out of them. :D

Hallway layout. Colours don't quite match up for some reason, but this is how it acutally looks.



I took a couple of image sequence screen caps. These aren't timed out, especially since whoever saved the video saved it at 30fps instead of 24, and you get weird half images. -____-;
Here are a couple, I still need to finish resizing and saving out the rest. Okay, that didn't work. Geez. To photobucket.

I know it's early for animation examples, but just for style's sake. And because they're cool.

The naturalist guy, squashing and stretching in lipsynch.

Building the addition on the guinea pig house. He doesn't move his upper torso, which I thought was really cool.

How they did that camera move in the board room. They cushioned it by trucking out a little bit, then a larger difference, nearly to the next shot, and then cushioning it.

How they handled rotating the scotsman at the beginning of the film. Even with as extreme a nose as the scotsman has, they could still rotate it from a front view to a profile. So we could make crazy graphic stuff like this work too, if we wanted.

Office boy rotating. His body is a triangle, but they still rotate it around.

The president has a third arm! When he's yelling at his employees.

Office boy march cycle.

Horse run cycle.

Okay, I officially dislike this blogging system. Why is my window for typing stuff in less than a third of my page? How am I supposed to organise these stupid pictures?? Rrrrrrrrg.

For character designs, we should check out corpse bride too.