Friday, October 26, 2007

Character study for Humans2


brockorama said...

Wow, is that Christ Himself in line to drop off food?

Speaking of, our ox becomes a christ-like figure at the end. Christ figures are literary devices that show great sacrifice or absolve the sins of another person.

At the begining we show the humans desire for food is so great, they're willing to steal it from the altar (a food-related sin).

Maybe this could be the reason the Heavenly king only grants them enough food for one meal every 3 days. Maybe if the people werent being so sneaky, he could see it fit to be a bit more generous.

The ox comes down, messes up, but in doing so, basically forgives everyone the sins they have commited. Not only that but gives them MORE food than they ever even imagined! BUT in order to do this, he has to sacrifice something HUGE.

He becomes their savior, and thats why he gets the respect he needs.

kamal said...

hehe, I just thought I could also add a little inside joke(I won't use it in our final designs), just thought it could be fun having Christ meeting his alterego...