Friday, October 26, 2007

DQ- HI all my flightless feathered friends

I have a question for ya to ponder for our next meeting on Monday

who are these starving people ?
since you have changed the people from Chinese to generic ( and thats ok )

I do not get a sence of them...I would like ask to you to think about a few things or I feel the story will go flat.. we as the audience need to have empathy for these people
but to do so you need to create a culture ( new and fake) that we get a sense of history, back story, present, even future to relate too
and especialy they tribe or group of peoples sense of religion so the worshiping or beliefs in the gods help us believe in the people ( makes them more real to us)

I am not saying that you will explain this directly in your film but it will you help to work out how to perform the characters and give a sense of being that the audience can relate to.

this is not easy( creating a culture from scratch) but I feel it is necessary for you to make the right story and character choices

This I hope will also help the audience Identify with the celestial characters and stars and unify your story it a common motif or historical relationship

I think this is a great story and full of animation story potential
you are all on the right track , and I just want to get you thinking learning and dicovering

keep up the great work
see you on Monday


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