Friday, February 29, 2008

The Ruffs and Clean version of the big pan

Here's the ruff and clean, I finally scanned everything. So if you guys need it for reference for the scenes after this scene its here.

Pan Test with sound

This is the test I did before I redesigned the layout and the character placements. But I thought I would put it up, so you guys can kind of "visualize" the scene when its completed. As well DQ gave some great suggestions on adding zoom ins and outs and ease outs and ins as well. This is just a straight pan across right now, but the final will combine all of these things.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

additional ruff work

here is what i fixed today, i fixed the priests movement , and when the ox receives the embrosa.
i add the torch effect which done by Brock, and i modified the glow too.

here's the Scene19's BG painting. pls give me some comments.

here's S19 & S20.

Monday, February 25, 2008

a work in process (ruffwork)

i still have a few inbetweening to do and some fine tweeking on the priest char , but this is what i have so far on my scene, i ll start the other one either tomorrow or wednesday.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

i did some effects for my scene. feel free to give me some comments. i will modify it till u guys
think it's good to go.
*modified the ox's outline. make it blue this time. which versions do u guys like better? the yellow or blue?

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Background texture and colored linework

I tweaked a bit with Andy's scene background. I wanted to show you what the difference colored lines and just a bit of texture can do. I dont think we should go crazy with texture, it gets distracting. But especially in scenes on earth when its still dry and dead, a bit of speckle on the surfaces helps to convey the stone look. Also, I think some colored linework will just help in general. Its much easier on the eyes to see the characters with black outlines if the backgrounds don't already have black outlines. They separate easier.

Its really, really easy to add texture to a bg thats already painted flat like Andy had it. And add it on its own layer so it too can be adjusted if needed. I can send everyone the custom photoshop brush that I used to make the texture, or we can keep experimenting until we find something we all can agree on.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who is Supervising what...

Hey Guys, I was just organizing some of the design pack stuff - there has been some updates and revisions on things [Lucia did some great designs for FX, check it out!]...

I will be copying the newest design pack to the server on Tuesday morning, so print it off from there for your own copy.
**Also if you have additions or revisions to the design pack from what you have been working on in your scenes, can you throw it on one of the templates, and copy it to the server? [in the Design Pack folder] Also maybe just do a quick post to let everyone know there are updates; it would be good to keep the most updated stuff in the binder.

Also I will be printing the newest board, script & design pack for the Master Binder in case you need to reference it while working at school. I leave it above my desk in those shelves.

Above is a list of our group members and who is supervising what... I was getting confused so I thought some of you might be too!

Thanks Guys, have a great Family Day!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

about being on Model

you all are ruff animating a scene of the ox, next week is the final week of RUFF animating the scene
if you all used a ruff working model of the ox it should be close
in fact it has been my experience that even if you all had a final model , your OX would still look different
but you will all have an idea of what works and what does not based on what you have been doing in your animation class
It is best to put together a final model based on what you all have contributed from the animation you are doing
we can meet as a group and discuss what you feel looks good and works then you can get someone to finalize the model for all of you to finalize your animation
then when you do the clean up of the scene you can put the character design on model

NO characters are ever on model at the beginning of a production, especially when the character is new and you have to discover them...

Do not worry if you have started other scenes, you are only in the ruffing stage and once you have gone thru the pose test and ruff animation , you should have a model to work from

I also want to go over the model with who ever designs it or even the other characters and
who ever creates the final models should also give a chalk talk to the group on how to keep it on model



Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey guys, I thought I should just throw this out there

I'm a bit worried about a major thing, that we maybe haven't thought about. The ox I think is beginning to look very inconsistent, I think that everyone is drawing it very differently, all good I might add, but he doesn't actually look the same. I think we really need to focus on the design of the ox, and try to match it to the best we can, because Brocks style is very different to Kellys, and Marks, and Andy's, and Jasons, and everyone else (I haven't seen the other versions yet), so we should really try and do something about it or else our main character is going to change from scene to scene.....not sure if that's what we were going for???

suggestion, Brock, maybe if you can do a bit more designs, because the group seems to be leaning towards your ox

Kelly, you said you were going to do some facial expressions, I think that's great, I liked your expressions a lot, but I think the group needs it asap. We are all beginning to animate, and I'm sure none of us will want to redo it because it doesn't look like the same ox from scene to scene.

What does everyone else think??

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Labelling the boards digitally

Hey Penguins!

Rach and I were talking in Maya today... I know today we were labeling the boards by hand, but I think really the best thing would be to label the scenes and dialog all digitally. Because then those master boards would be on the server for everyone to grab and print off, and you wouldn't have to keep reprinting it every time. [It also would ensure consistency with all the copies of the boards!]

I will try to label all the boards I have [the first 42 pages] tonight... Angie would you be able to label your boards? Or maybe a couple people could label them....we just need to get it done so everyone can work from the same master board on the server.

One more thing - I copied my half of the boards onto the server, but I will replace them when they are labeled.

We'll finish off the meeting we were having today, tomorrow after lecture. It shouldn't take too long to finish.
Thanks Guys!!

Saturday, February 2, 2008

Meet on Monday?

I just emailed everyone, but just to make sure....

I thought maybe we should try to meet quickly on Monday to touch base before our Wednesday meeting.

Is everyone free to meet at noon on Monday, before Maya at 1 PM?
Angie - if you could print your boards and I'll print mine and we can go over them at the meeting.

If anyone can't make it, can you please let me know?

Friday, February 1, 2008

DQ-Happy snow day


seems we are going to miss our meeting today.....
if you have anything to show me or ask let me know on the blog
I will try to check it thu the day and weekend



I see classes are cancelled today, so happy snow day everyone! [And a Friday even, sweeeet.]
See y'all on Monday!