Saturday, February 23, 2008

Background texture and colored linework

I tweaked a bit with Andy's scene background. I wanted to show you what the difference colored lines and just a bit of texture can do. I dont think we should go crazy with texture, it gets distracting. But especially in scenes on earth when its still dry and dead, a bit of speckle on the surfaces helps to convey the stone look. Also, I think some colored linework will just help in general. Its much easier on the eyes to see the characters with black outlines if the backgrounds don't already have black outlines. They separate easier.

Its really, really easy to add texture to a bg thats already painted flat like Andy had it. And add it on its own layer so it too can be adjusted if needed. I can send everyone the custom photoshop brush that I used to make the texture, or we can keep experimenting until we find something we all can agree on.