Sunday, February 17, 2008

Who is Supervising what...

Hey Guys, I was just organizing some of the design pack stuff - there has been some updates and revisions on things [Lucia did some great designs for FX, check it out!]...

I will be copying the newest design pack to the server on Tuesday morning, so print it off from there for your own copy.
**Also if you have additions or revisions to the design pack from what you have been working on in your scenes, can you throw it on one of the templates, and copy it to the server? [in the Design Pack folder] Also maybe just do a quick post to let everyone know there are updates; it would be good to keep the most updated stuff in the binder.

Also I will be printing the newest board, script & design pack for the Master Binder in case you need to reference it while working at school. I leave it above my desk in those shelves.

Above is a list of our group members and who is supervising what... I was getting confused so I thought some of you might be too!

Thanks Guys, have a great Family Day!

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