Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Hey Guys,

I talked with DQ after the lecture this morning; he cancelled the meeting tonight at 6 PM - so DON'T GO! He has a scheduling conflict, and we decided it would be better spent working on all the other work we need to do right now.

***We WILL meet with DQ from 1-2 THIS THURSDAY BEFORE CO-OP CLASS to review the leica with him further. Please be there!

Thanks Guys!

Monday, November 26, 2007

hey Gus,

I just wanted to remind you that the boards are due in the lecture, we really appreciate it, hope all goes well,

thanks again! and if you need help you can bring them into lecture and I will help you there,
Rachel :)

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Final boards for Tuesday

First off, thanks to everyone who put in tons of work cleaning up the boards, doing audio and doing and re-doing the leica! Go team, it looks awesome!

Rachel and I started compiling the final boards and labelling them yesterday in story class... it's a bit of a job cause the final boards used in the leica are all named differently and all over the place. We were comparing the leica and then finding each board and transferring it in order onto the template, then beginning to label them all.

We got maybe a quarter of it started yesterday, so I am gonna go into school early Monday morning [I work better early morning rather than late night!] and work on getting the rest of the boards together and labeled, ready to hand in Tuesday morning. I'll be in the second floor lab if anyone wants to pop by, but I should be able to get it finished before DQ's lecture.

**I won't be able to make it to DQ's mentor meeting, as I have to leave right after class to take the train downtown for the evening. I'll have the boards ready to give you guys for the meeting though!

Thanks again everyone, have a grand weekend!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Rough Cut Leica is up

Its finally rendered as an .mpeg, with the sound synced up correctly. Its on the server in our group folder, I think I named it "celestial ox master leica.mpeg". I also burned a DVD and gave it to Natalie, so she has the new version with the sound correctly synced to the images ready for tuesday.

And now its time to SLEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

Monday, November 19, 2007

here's some staring human designs based on Andy's character and story sketches i did for the setup...not sure if the eating the bug part is really necessary for the story tell me what you think.
take it ezz Penguins


What kind of fields are we going for? There are the fields in England, where the borders are more organic, and then there are the fields of western Canada that are more geometric.


screencap from mapquest, from Barrhead, Alberta.

Quick sketches for fields.

some thoughts on overlap...

After the ox gives his message, the food doesn't all pop up right away, it takes time to grow. The people wouldn't understand at first, since it's so *much* food that it's out of their range of experience. Then they'd celebrate. The ox would be proud that he's made the people so happy, and be watching them. The tail, meanwhile, knows the message is wrong and is frantically trying to get the ox's attention, finally hitting him on the back of the head.

(The food is still growing, or getting lusher, or maybe it grows in stages? Like real plants, only faster? Maybe the green stalks and trees were first, with seeds and fruits growing now.)

Ox looks at tail, with a What was that for? expression on his face. Tail points up to gathering clouds. Ox has an 'uuuuuuuuh-ooooh....' expression on his face, while he frantically tries to remember what his mistake was. People are still happy, food is still growing. Maybe now the fruit is ripening? Nearly ready for eating.

A godly voice rings out. "No no no no no no no no no! Never send an Ox to do a god's job!" The food growth rolls back, leaving the place as barren as before. People are shocked, unbelieving. The god continues to yell at the ox, who's tail grovels on the ground. The ox, meanwhile, is distracted by how sad the people are, he watches them and gets sadder and sadder himself. Perhaps the tail also notices the misery of the people, so the ox and he can be on the same page.

"I wish I could help them." The ox says, to himself. The sky, which was getting darker and darker as the god yelled, suddenly lightens up somewhat.

"You want to help, Ox? Are you sure? It wouldn't be easy."

"Oh, I do."

Then he gets his magical yoke, and lands in the field. He's still sad, since he thought that he'd find his place in the stars through this mission, and now he's lost that forever.

He meets the priest, who walks with him as the ox continues to plow. It isn't until the priest tells the ox that he's the best celestial animal that's ever come to visit them that the ox stops working, and looks at the priest, who then gives him his stars.

Wow, that was long. I was trying to think how our plot points could run into each other, but still be distinct enough for people to see them happening. I don't know if I got that balance right, but I think an easy overlap would be to have the food take much longer to grow in. If the food's almost ready to be eaten when the god hits the celestial RESET button, the people's reaction would be even more extreme, and maybe comic.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

My design sketches

I really like the idea of having the three constellations as sculptures, I think its symbolic, and more cartoony this way, I think we should make it more cartoony and focus on designing layouts in that pigs is pigs style, and not so realistic

In class we thought of some more ideas, but I think this one is not as dominant, it should be higher up.

Saturday, November 17, 2007

here's a quick layout for the temple I drew up tonight and some renderings i did at the story meeting. This reel is coming up real soon so we should hammer out some killer revised storyboards asap. see you guys on Monday

!rock on penguins!

Friday, November 16, 2007

Field designs

Here's a couple I mocked up.... colourful and sketchy!

Thursday, November 15, 2007


Hey guys!
Just reminding everyone to have their rough layouts done for tomorrow!!!

DQ-cancelled meeting

Sorry guys but I can't meet tonight
a family thing has come up and I can't meet
this weekend ...can we meet early next week?

Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hey, guys, i just got an idea of one meal every 3 days and 3 meals a days' symbols.
One meal every 3 days--rich fertile land & seeds
Three meals a days--rich fertile land, seeds and the ox

Therefore, our story doesn't change a lots. Just in the climax, not the food, plants pop out from the ground; we show desert turns into rich fertile land and some baskets of seeds(should not be a lot,only a few)are appeared in the temple. The villagers confuse, upset. They think the God lies to them. Then the God shows up and explains to the ox: by their technology right now, they only can make 1 meals every 3 days unless you come to help them. The ox chooses his way...then rest are the same, only the ox doesn't get his constellation right after he starts working on the field. He gets his constellation 1 year later in a orange, harvestable field.
The moral: 1. (from the ox perspective) if you make a mistake, you have to respond it;
since you respond it, you will be accepted by others.
2. (from villagers' perspective) mistake can turn into great effort.

Sunday, November 11, 2007

Hey hey

Hey guys, sorry to suddenly throw this in here, but I might have to go home today for a family situation. I'm waiting for the call currently, in which case I'll be in on tuesday morning, so I'm sorry if I do miss the meeting and classes and such.

But again, it's not sure whether i'm going or not, that's why I'm waiting for this phone call. If you guys need anything, I'll throw my cell/home phone number on the comments here so you can contact me/text me whatever, but if I do head home I'll be checking the blog and e-mail at my friends house (he lives down the road from me. Technically, it being a small town, EVERYONE lives down the road from me, heh.)

Again, sorry about this! Hopefully it's all good though and I don't miss anything here.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Fun Pack character pages done!

These are done enough to hand in to DQ anyway.... I shall print them for today's meeting as well!

See y'all at 5!

Friday, November 9, 2007

my storyboard pages, redone.

Here they are! I added the part where there's the close up of the tail and the ox's face to build up the tension. n___n

alrighty then

hope everyone pulls through with this puppy, see everyone in class.
keep it (un)real! because reality is boring for animation and stuff.


It's hard cramming in him getting up and working in 9 panels, haha. Sorry this is a bit late, a bit of trouble at home here the last couple of days. I'll print and throw on the details of the panels and such (panel number, etc)

PS: I hate drawing Ox's so small. :)

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Hey Stace,

I'm sending you the files through email, not sure if you wanted to number them correctly so I'll send you the photoshop files

Thanks Rach
Hey Mark

Well, we have a slight problem, you did part of my part, not sure if you looked at Stacy's breakdown, I was supposed to do Page 9 panel 5 and 6 and Page 10 panels 1-5, and then yours is afterward. Hopefully you can fix it before tomorrow so theres no overlapping,

Thanks Mark

Rachel's three pages all finished

Mark's Storyboard panels

here are my panels, i changed some and added others, hope u like..
i fix the problem rach,sorry about that, i realized it after doing it! sorry again

priest's 3/4 front&back view.

page one of Rachels

Hope this helps, I think Ang you're in front of me, so this is the beginning of mine. Hopefully it connects okay.

My panels

Brock and Andy here are my panels!

Stacey and Kamal, here's the panels i did.