Saturday, November 24, 2007

Final boards for Tuesday

First off, thanks to everyone who put in tons of work cleaning up the boards, doing audio and doing and re-doing the leica! Go team, it looks awesome!

Rachel and I started compiling the final boards and labelling them yesterday in story class... it's a bit of a job cause the final boards used in the leica are all named differently and all over the place. We were comparing the leica and then finding each board and transferring it in order onto the template, then beginning to label them all.

We got maybe a quarter of it started yesterday, so I am gonna go into school early Monday morning [I work better early morning rather than late night!] and work on getting the rest of the boards together and labeled, ready to hand in Tuesday morning. I'll be in the second floor lab if anyone wants to pop by, but I should be able to get it finished before DQ's lecture.

**I won't be able to make it to DQ's mentor meeting, as I have to leave right after class to take the train downtown for the evening. I'll have the boards ready to give you guys for the meeting though!

Thanks again everyone, have a grand weekend!!

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