Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Hey, guys, i just got an idea of one meal every 3 days and 3 meals a days' symbols.
One meal every 3 days--rich fertile land & seeds
Three meals a days--rich fertile land, seeds and the ox

Therefore, our story doesn't change a lots. Just in the climax, not the food, plants pop out from the ground; we show desert turns into rich fertile land and some baskets of seeds(should not be a lot,only a few)are appeared in the temple. The villagers confuse, upset. They think the God lies to them. Then the God shows up and explains to the ox: by their technology right now, they only can make 1 meals every 3 days unless you come to help them. The ox chooses his way...then rest are the same, only the ox doesn't get his constellation right after he starts working on the field. He gets his constellation 1 year later in a orange, harvestable field.
The moral: 1. (from the ox perspective) if you make a mistake, you have to respond it;
since you respond it, you will be accepted by others.
2. (from villagers' perspective) mistake can turn into great effort.

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