Monday, February 11, 2008

Hey guys, I thought I should just throw this out there

I'm a bit worried about a major thing, that we maybe haven't thought about. The ox I think is beginning to look very inconsistent, I think that everyone is drawing it very differently, all good I might add, but he doesn't actually look the same. I think we really need to focus on the design of the ox, and try to match it to the best we can, because Brocks style is very different to Kellys, and Marks, and Andy's, and Jasons, and everyone else (I haven't seen the other versions yet), so we should really try and do something about it or else our main character is going to change from scene to scene.....not sure if that's what we were going for???

suggestion, Brock, maybe if you can do a bit more designs, because the group seems to be leaning towards your ox

Kelly, you said you were going to do some facial expressions, I think that's great, I liked your expressions a lot, but I think the group needs it asap. We are all beginning to animate, and I'm sure none of us will want to redo it because it doesn't look like the same ox from scene to scene.

What does everyone else think??

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brockorama said...

I'd be happy to help out with model suggestions. And now that anyone who has spent the last few weeks animating on the ox has some practice with him, we can see where we agree and disagree on a final model. From what I've seen of the roughs I wasn't too concerned but yeah we should address things before they get out of hand. I'm here all during reading week, so feel free to contact me. Or we can setup a group meeting or two where we all can compare notes.