Monday, February 4, 2008

Labelling the boards digitally

Hey Penguins!

Rach and I were talking in Maya today... I know today we were labeling the boards by hand, but I think really the best thing would be to label the scenes and dialog all digitally. Because then those master boards would be on the server for everyone to grab and print off, and you wouldn't have to keep reprinting it every time. [It also would ensure consistency with all the copies of the boards!]

I will try to label all the boards I have [the first 42 pages] tonight... Angie would you be able to label your boards? Or maybe a couple people could label them....we just need to get it done so everyone can work from the same master board on the server.

One more thing - I copied my half of the boards onto the server, but I will replace them when they are labeled.

We'll finish off the meeting we were having today, tomorrow after lecture. It shouldn't take too long to finish.
Thanks Guys!!


Angeline said...

I can't start labelling my half until you've finished yours. Tomorrow, I guess? My unlabeled are on the server as well, I believe.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Okey doke, I finished labeling my half last night and I will copy those to the server after lecture.
Thanks Angie!!