Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Props post. Edited, with some location sketches and a peasant.

Some images that I've found for reference for yokes. These are from ''

'' is a site that sells oxen equipement. This is their page for single ox stuff.

No scanned drawings yet, just reference stuff.

(And here's a breed of oxen that stands eye-high to a person!

These are Chianina Oxen, and the image is from ''

Some drawings for the pitch package...

Some yokes. Turns out that yokes are hand carved, and fitted precisely to the oxen. This means that they vary in how they look, though there are rules on how much they can bend and stuff. Seeing as how this is a cartoon though, we can ignore those completely. This yoke is a bit bendier than the next one, but they're both based on real designs.
The yoke is made up of two parts, and can be carved so that it fits over the horns for a 'head yoke', or over the shoulders. I went with the over the shoulders one, because it looked more recognisable.

oxen wearing a harness. I'm not sure how a single ox is hooked up to a plow, or whatever. I had trouble finding pictures of that.

Some different ideas for temples, since we're not going with the chinese thing. Mayan ones...

A more western temple.

Below is a temple called Ta Prohm, which is neat because it has trees growing in it.

I was thinking, to make temples that are a combination of two cultures, we could combine a greek temple with a more asian-styled roof. If we coloured it something other than red or white, it'd hopefully not look like a mishmash of other cultures.

A peasant. (I just thought that he was funny.)

I don't know if any of these are of any use for the pitch package, I dont' even know if they are *big* enough to work. I had to resize them so that I could email them to myself on the stupid sheridan email thing. I also don't have a lot of time to colour them tonight, since I want to work on my animation, but I will do my best to have something more finished tomorrow.


Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks for posting this stuff, Angie! I will be posting some sketches tonight as well [I finally finished animation!]...

I will throw the pages together and see what you and Kelly think!

Angeline said...

I'm sure we'll love it. :D