Friday, October 12, 2007

Post Pitch notes.... for Tuesday!

GREAT JOB EVERYONE!! I think it went over really well; I think it will be even better on Tuesday.

Here are some of the notes that Rach took during our pitch.... I think I got everything down that Natalie commented on to add/change. Check out where your name is so you know what to work on to improve our pitch package for Tuesday. [It looked pretty awesome though, if ya ask me!]

***Our next meeting will be with DQ on Monday at 5PM - we should show him what we have on this and pitch it to him again.

Please post as things are done or if you have questions!
Thanks guyzers!

Natalie comments on package:

> cover page - good, nice and colourful, says our group name, etc
**add short descriptions below story beats [STACE]
> beat board 1 - too dark, make lighter too see better [STACE]
- I like the names labelling who did what artwork
> beat board 2 - I like this version of the god, generic
- good telling of the story, god works in clouds, you can see ox in back, distracted [also have board/sequence of him and tail playing x's and o's - BROCK]
> beat board 3 - have better version where can see ox's face/expression looking at the animals laughing at him [BROCK]
> add a beat in here of ox getting the message from emporer [JASON]
> beat 4 good [marks who me ox]
> add a beat of tail making him mess up message - MARK
> beat 5 good [brocks announcing one]
> add beat of emporer coming down to reem him out [KELLY] [change colour of ox here to gray]
> beat 6 good - change colour of ox to gray [BROCK] [brocks sunny one]
> change colour of ox to brown on beat 7, also add characters more in active poses [straight poses are bad! static] - MARK
> protag 1 - show the designs by mark with the tail interacting - colour them RACH [I can place them on page, cut out STACE]
> protag 2/3 - show other coloured designs - reearrange [STACE]
> add page of tail poses to see how it will act [BROCK]
> antag - start with andy's poses as char design -rearrange, fix - add in Rachs designs [STACE]
> colour other poses [alex's - ALEX]
> environs - more lush, more dry, more contrast/before and after like kellys temple idear... expand on that sort of thing.... lush/dry fields, etc...need layouts of heaven as well [GUS, RACH]
> secondary char - change to BARE clothes.... more primitive [similar to andy and alex's] [ANDY, STACE, KELLY...and whoever else wants to do a peasant in basic clothes]
> props - more of them, more ancient, primitive like the plough - tools, clothes, BARE minimum/basics for all these things [ALEX, GUS, RACH, STACE, ANGIE]
> research - gather/put together more research pages for all characters, environs, props.... [EVERYONE to POST PICS...STACE to assemble]

other comments from natalie
- work with the tail - make sure to establish the tail at the beginning/dumb ox
- dont make tail tremendously bitter, whip him to make harder - get the relationship down
- more before and after boards showing dullness of earth turned to lushness... bareness of huts - what would they make/build with?
- have fun with foliage, show more lushness after message is given!

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