Wednesday, October 3, 2007

""final"" story beats

Alright so this is what we have narrowed down! yay finnally! Anywho I will number the beats as well as put a list of who belongs to what section for the thumbnails.

1-Open with pan across the stars, narrator explaining importance of constilations/every animal dreams of having a spot in the stars...
2-Field of stars ox starring up picking out his spot
3-Other animals (heads?) flying by poking fun at the ox "you'll never get up here"
4-Emporrer walking in with music says there is a problem
5-All constilations turn off as emporrer turns to them
6-Ox tries to get the emporrers attention as He ignores him
7-After all stars off he chooses the ox
8-Emporrer explains the message to the ox
9-Ox goes down to earth
10-Ox materializes in temple (questionable place but he apears)
11-People question who he is "is it the rabbit, the snake..."
12-"I'm the Ox" announced proudly
13-People still dont know who he is and are unimpressed
14-Realizing whats at stake (monkey laughter) he must now impress the people
15-"The emporrer promises food!"
16-One villager guesses "what like a meal every three days" non-happily
17-No says 3meals a day sprouts grow, people cheer, ox guilty
18-Back in heaven
19-Emporrer angry/frustrated/disapointed must now punnish ox
20-Yok(sp?) apears on ox dropping him through the clouds like an anchor
21-Ox plowing the feilds
22-Villager points out that the ox did infact get his constelation
23-Ox is excited thinking he's done something right after all and now has respect for it
24-People high five and comment on the ox's stupidity

Ok so for the Set up which is point 2

Conflict which is point 11

Climax which is point 17
POINTS 13-18
Angelene (sorry i dunno how to spell)

Resolution which is point 22
Points 19-24

ok so thumbnails for friday nothing fantasticle but clear to read. It's all pretty basic so we can throw in a whole bunch of visuals and most likely will end up with more then just six pannels each.

also I'm sorry for my horrible spelling I would spell check but I havent figured that out yet!!! Let's just make sure we dont end up basterdizing this lol


Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks Becka! You rock!

And thanks for your speedy post :)

Angeline said...

all right!

(and you were close. Angeline, angel-ine XD)

Jason Gerardus Teeuwissen said...

cool cool lets board this celestial story like its going out of style!