Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Fun pack examples

I found these in Mark's handouts - they should be helpful for us to know what needs to be in the fun pack. Looks like no colour stuff, just linear examples of the characters, layouts, etc. That's a bit easier at least!

**Remember for our next meeting with DQ on Monday @ 5 PM please bring some rough thumbnails for your section of the the film. [Refer to an earlier post when we did sections of beat boards when we presented to DQ earlier - just do the same section as you did before.]

***Use the template as posted earlier as well so we all use the same size thumbnail templates.

To review for the style decisions from today's meeting, for right now we will use Brock's ox design, Kamal's secondary character design, and Andy's layout design. [Can you guys post these from what you brought to the meeting?]

Thanks Guys!

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