Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Story Update

Alright so again just in small beats to go over our add ons to the story.

1 (pan) straving people making thier way up to the temple
2 (pan) god is listening to the peoples prayers (either on the phone or just elaning over)
3 (pan to) Ox sitting in the clouds playing tictactoe
4 concentrating hard the ox puts an O in the wrong place spelling OX in the stars (tail wins game)
5 Other animals laugh at him "Thats the only way you will ever get your name in the stars."
6 emporer walks in and says there is a problem
7 all constilations turn off as emporrer turn to ask them to send the message
8 ox tries to grab the emporrers attention. as he ignores him
9 after all stars turn off emporrer gives in and chooses the ox
10 emporrer explain the message to the ox
11 ox goes down to earth
12 ox materialises in the temple
13 the people begin to question who he is (the rabbit the monkey ect)
14 the ox proudly says he is the ox after much convincing
15 people unimpressed they ask why he is there
16 ox now cannot remember his message "i was sent here by the emporrer! to give you a message"
17 the people ask a message of what?
18 stumbling to remember the message says it's about food
19 as the people unimpressive guess the ox's tail taps him on the shoulder showing 3
20 nodding from at the tail the ox then says "three meals a day!"
21 Ox's tail smacking him in the head for he said the wrong thing
22 people are excited about the food
23 emporrer then apears angry beside the ox
24 emporrer yells at ox and punishes him "you will not get your constelation now"
25 yok apears on ox and he starts to sadly go to work
26 the people in seeing this punishment feel sorry for the ox (after all he did a good thing for them right?)
27 a villager walks over to the ox and cheers him up
28 points out random stars in the sky and says "theres your constelation"
29 ox is now happy and proceeds with his job amoung the satisfied people

optional I supose

30 pans up to the constelation with "narrator" speaking
31 "narrator" turns out to be the emporrer who is now trying to make it seem like it was his plan all along
31 "narrator" turns out to be the emporrer who is now saying bad things about the constelations saying it shouldn't have been there and ect..

ok so this doesn't really show how dumb the ox is but thats the meaty bits left out. I tried to focus more on plot points and story line rather then beefing up his stupidity. Im sure all of that can be added in visually.

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