Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Our Group Pitch feedback for today

First of all, awesome job guys, lots of people said our story was one of the best and one of the more stronger ones. So here's what everyone said

1. Is his tail alive?--they really liked the tail.
2. Why does the emperor come down to earth? In this case why did he send someone down to deliver the message when he could have just done it himself? Best not to have this because its a weak part in our story.
3. Maybe in the end the people can form his constellation out of the other animal constellations? That would be funnier.
4. Some people didn't get how there were constellations, but the ox wasn't, (didn't get the beginning), but we explained there would be narration to explain back story.
5. And the last comment, I couldn't hear it was Adan's??? Maybe you guys heard that one?

Some people gave the suggestion of having a scroll pop up instead of the emperor to deliver the message, or something like harry potter, when ron gets yelled at by his mom through a letter (not sure if you guys have seen that, but that might be funny).

Hope this is good Stace, see you all tomorrow
oh ya and maybe next time we should decide whether or not we really need Allen for certain things, because he does have to travel from Scarborough for us, so we should make sure that when we do need him it will be worth while, just a thought.


brockorama said...

The scroll idea could work possibly. Maybe after the ox finishes reading it (can the ox read? Maybe his tail can...) the yoke is already on him. This way we can still keep the action on earth, and it may clarify why the Emperor doesnt come down in person.

I dont necessarily agree that the ox's constellation being made out of other animal's constellations is funnier. I'm also confused as to how you would even show that clearly.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Thanks for typing this up Rach, really appreciate it!

Also - rockin' job today guys, I think it went over really well. Go team! Everyone's visuals really helped to sell the story.

A couple quick things:

1 - I agree with Rach, we should discuss as a group when we need to bring Allen in as he does come a long way and we need to make it worth his while! He has been so amazing to be so willing to do this.

2 - I also agree with Brock about the constellation... yeah how would you even show that clearly? I liked what DQ said about it being made up from the tictactoe game though.

Angeline said...

It could be a howler, where the letter screams. Or another celestial animal could come down to deliver the message, like a celestial parrot who could talk really loud. That's another character, but we've already established that the emperor will send people to do his dirty work for him.

To show the constellation being made up of others... Maybe the humans could 'wipe' their hand over the sky, and all the other constellation drawings would be broken up into other peices? Or we could pull out of the shot with the three animals and the tic-tac-toe game to see that the ox constellation is *larger* than all of them, and made up of all of them.

But I really like the idea of it being in the tic tac toe place. ^__^

I didn't hear adan's comment, I don't think. I didn't write anything down.