Sunday, October 21, 2007

Screen caps and the like from Pigs is Pigs

Guinea pigs. They're just shapes with features, but they still managed to get expressons out of them. :D

Hallway layout. Colours don't quite match up for some reason, but this is how it acutally looks.



I took a couple of image sequence screen caps. These aren't timed out, especially since whoever saved the video saved it at 30fps instead of 24, and you get weird half images. -____-;
Here are a couple, I still need to finish resizing and saving out the rest. Okay, that didn't work. Geez. To photobucket.

I know it's early for animation examples, but just for style's sake. And because they're cool.

The naturalist guy, squashing and stretching in lipsynch.

Building the addition on the guinea pig house. He doesn't move his upper torso, which I thought was really cool.

How they did that camera move in the board room. They cushioned it by trucking out a little bit, then a larger difference, nearly to the next shot, and then cushioning it.

How they handled rotating the scotsman at the beginning of the film. Even with as extreme a nose as the scotsman has, they could still rotate it from a front view to a profile. So we could make crazy graphic stuff like this work too, if we wanted.

Office boy rotating. His body is a triangle, but they still rotate it around.

The president has a third arm! When he's yelling at his employees.

Office boy march cycle.

Horse run cycle.

Okay, I officially dislike this blogging system. Why is my window for typing stuff in less than a third of my page? How am I supposed to organise these stupid pictures?? Rrrrrrrrg.

For character designs, we should check out corpse bride too.


brockorama said...

Angeline this is KICK ASS! Thanks for taking the time to make the animated gifs too!! They really inspire

Angeline said...

Glad they're appreciated. :D
I'm also burning a bunch of those shorts from the torrent onto DVD. Pigs is Pigs isn't the only stylised one out there, apparently!

Should be ready for the meeting. ^__^

brockorama said...

The Saga of Steamwagon Smith is another excelelnt one to look at. Paul Bunyan has a freakin blue ox with walk and run cycles GALORE. PLUS a yoke. REALLY its got a lot of stuff for us to study.

Stacey Chomiak said...

Yeah thanks Angeline! These are AWESOME! I just took a good look at all the animated gifs, it seriously makes me excited to animate!

Thanks for posting everything, it's super helpful!