Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Celestial ninja Ox and the curse of the video game

The mountains grow as the celestial turkey flies buy with a trail of energy flowing behind him. He fires an explosive beam at the ground and a huge lake appears. The turkey stands floating heroically as a jumbo jet smacks right into him. The screen flashes Game Over!
The Ox throws the controller and says exclaims if he was a celestial animal that plain would have nothing on him. He changes the channel and it’s the news, the emperor is showing that his resent polls of human worship levels are way down, due to a lack of food on earth. And says that anyone who can bring the worship level up will earn there spot as a true celestial animal. Recourses show that our celestial budget can provide three meals…. The Ox shuts off the T.V. before the news cast is over not getting the whole message. If only I had powers I could become a celestial Ox and everyone would like me. The ox thinks for a moment and comes up with a dreadfully scandalous idea.

That night as everyone is sleeping the ox dressed in a ninja costume leaves his little ox home and sneaks into the palace to steal the source of the emperor's power. He makes it to the emperor’s chambers and sees it. The amulet of celestial power! He grabs it quickly and leaves the room. The ox is outside now and he reveals the magical object to the audience. He says that he is only borrowing it and that he’ll bring it back before the morning thus the emperor will never know. The Ox puts the amulet on and instantly begins to glow and look super heroic. The Ox at once flies down to the earth through the clouds to help in bring the human worship level up.

Its night time on earth and the humans are sleeping as the ox sets down in the middle of the desolate town. The Powerful ox yells out that he has come to save the human race with gifts of food! the people wake from they’re sleep and crowd around the Ox. The Ox thinks for a second….how much food was I suppose to give …..Three something…. Damn! I should have paid attention….oh well… and fires a ray that causes a fruit tree to grow…. The people look enthusiastic and urge the Ox on…. The Ox takes off and starts zapping like there’s no tomorrow he’s making mountains rivers huge lakes and tonnes of food and even a wicked statue of himself. The people cheer and carry the ox around on there shoulders. But then the sun peeks over the newly made mountain and the ox takes off back to the heavens

As the Ox makes his way back to the emperors chamber the emperor is there waiting. The emperor gives the ox an ear full and takes back his amulet. The emperor tells the Ox that the there just isn’t enough food to make your promises work so that the Ox is going to have to spend eternity ploughing the fields and helping the humans…. The Ox looks devastated because he really has never worked in his life. The Ox is clamped by a yoke and beamed down to earth. The emperor turns on the T.V. and looks at his polls that have sky rocketed thanks to the Ox. The emperor looks out of his window to the stars.

That night as the ox is still ploughing the field some human’s walk by and praise the amazing ox for all that he has done for them. Then one of the human’s points they’re finger up into the sky, the ox looks up to see the stars moving and making up a brand new Ox constellation, and the Ox grins happily.

It's not to long and i went with the power trip idea alot. plus video games and ninja costumes!

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