Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Hey Guys,

So we're on the same page, I will put up our next meeting times so there is no confusion.

Next meeting:
Monday, Week 4, Sept 24 @ 5 PM- with DQ - in the studio
*Bring whatever concepts for the story you have been working on

In our meeting with Tony this morning [for those of you who missed it], we decided on an "official meeting time" where we will be making decisions so we can move onto the next stage.

That will be:
Wednesday, Week 4, Sept 26 @ 11 AM, in the studio [after Tony's meeting]
**Homework to bring for this meeting:
we decided to individually put 7 hours of time into researching and sketching story concepts. Don't focus too much on the character design, more situations, environments, some snapshots from the story that you envision. We'll discuss them all next Wednesday.

I also emailed Tony and DQ on some supervisory decisions.
Here's a copy of the email below:

Wed, Sept 19, 2007
Hi All,

This is just so everyone is on the same page as far as the supervisors of our group are concerned thus far.

Stacey Chomiak [myself] has been appointed the Production Manager.

We also decided today in our production meeting with Tony the following:
Jason Teeuwissen - Story Supervisor
Alex Haddock - Design Supervisor

Also, as we mentioned in the meeting this morning, we have established a blogspot for our group – here is the link for DQ and Tony:
Our group name is "Mo-cap Penguins".

Our next meeting with be with DQ on Monday after his lecture at 5 PM, in the 3rd year studio.
Thanks Guys!

Feel free to post questions or comments if you are concerned.
Thanks Guys!

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