Thursday, September 27, 2007

A new take on the Emperor....

Hey guys! I got some input from people outside our group. The feedback was really positive, and I actually got a really good suggestion I thought I'd share and see what you all thought.

What if we handled the Emperor's character differently? What if instead of being this punishing taskmaster, he instead is someone who contains true, yoda-like wisdom. This wisdom is not revealed until the film's ending.

Most of the story would stay exactly the same. The Ox still wants to earn his star place among the heavens. So his motivation is the same. His tail can still have the "follow the rules" personality. Emperor gives him the same task. He still deliberately changes the message after seeing the starving villagers.

Not too much difference so far. The ox expects to be punished (he disobeyed after all) but has no idea what it could be. The emperor reveals his punishment as having to spend eternity plowing the fields to provide food for all mankind. The ox can even show his dissapointment/sadness at this time, because it really seems like a daunting task.

BUT! Heres the big change. (and it seems like something we were almost getting at durring our story meetings) The Emperor reveals that this was a test for the ox's merit. By chosing to do what he feels is right and not blindly following orders, the ox has proven himself worthy. Although he now has the responsibility to work and provide the food he promised (because the OX promised, not the emperor), in the end this selfless act grants him his celestial place in the heavens. So basically he DOES get his star constellation, or golden medallion, or whatever. He has "earned his wings".

So now the ox gets what he wanted at the end. He doesn't get it the way he had in mind, and thats where the story arc/change in his character takes place.

I think it ends it on a more happier note, and shows some depth I didn't think to put in the Emperor's character. What do you all think?

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