Monday, September 17, 2007

Oxen are the very definition of beefy...

I've filled a few pages of sketchbook with Ox ideas, Just trying to figure out how to put him together. I'm picturing something of a Johnny Bravo~esque physique on him, because I hear "Ox" and the first things that come to mind are "Strong as an ox", "dumb as an ox", and "beef-headed"... It's not just because I'm partial to really top-heavy, built characters, I promise!

I think If we did his upper-arms really thick and his forearms skinny and knobby, we could keep him looking physically impressive and godly when he's upright on his back legs, but still Ox-y when he's down on all-fours. If we keep his torso as a bulk with definition used sparingly just to show how the arms attach or something like that, he'll just be made up of a few simple shapes and still be squishy enough to stretch around.

I'm thinking we could give him kind of Moosey hooves too, just because they'll be more dexterous that way. Still look like hooves, but behave a little more like fingers if we need them to.

I dunno if it's adding too much to the story or not, but I was thinking we could portray God kind of like an antsy politician around election time. Like he's noticed that worshipper approval is down, so that's why he wants to promise them food. It could also be why he won't go back on the promise when the ox screws up the message - he's worried that if he starts flip-flopping on his platform, the voters will jump ship for some other diety. Maybe a Viking God, with the promises of endless mead and ham in Vallhalla. Something like "Odin thinks he can win the people with unlimited food in the afterlife? Well I'll give them food on EARTH! Let's see him top that!"


Angeline said...

I like that idea Kelly! It also gives the ox a couple of reasons to be so distracted that he forgets the message.

He could see a group of people while he's going down to earth and start campaining at them, and get so caught up in it that he forgets his message.

Or, he could be working for the other guy, and be deliberatly sabatogy the Heavenly Emperor's goals.

Jason Gerardus Teeuwissen said...

i think the ox should be all ripped too, ox's just should like ripped animals. maybe....the ox could go through a transformation from a little weak Ox to a huge hard working ripped Ox!