Sunday, September 16, 2007

The blog is a good idea just to make everything in one a little chat room.

Anyways here's a concept thingy I made up this morning, I put a defuse glow filter on it and it kind of made it look shadowy without the shadows.

I like Andy's idea about the Ox getting distracted on the way down, and showing off to his friends...maybe he could go on a bender, and when he has to give the idea to the towns people he's all hung over and says it wrong...just an idea.

Well I'm going to head out soon, I'll probably go to the studio today so if anybody wants to chill, right on. see you guys on Monday, take it easy



Coelasquid said...

I like the idea of a crazy bender... He could be boasting to his friends about how God chose HIM, and they could all go off to celebrate in some wonky, distorted bar montage. Then he could wake up in bed with... a bunch of curvaceous cow ladies and... like... a sheep or a chicken or something, looking all hungover and trying to remember what the message was. Then he doesn't want God to know he was out partying, so he goes on to deliver his garbled message.

And the moral is, "Stay away from hookers and blow"

Stacey Chomiak said...

Isn't the moral ALWAYS that???

Angeline said...

That's the moral I always got, from pretty much every story. Is that a bad thing?

Jason Gerardus Teeuwissen said...

kelly that would be awesomely bad ass Ox style!