Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The ending

I am still thinking about the ending. if we are going to make the ox accept his situation and happy to work for the humans, or happy because the humans have enough food to eat, then we are going to make a Jesus' movie. The status of the ox is higher than the humans at the beginning, he supposed to have anything he wants in heaven, at least freedom and food. but by the end, he will lose everything and have to work for the human. do u think the ox's personality is too perfect if he still feel happy . i bet everyone will feel bad and sad if u "do good" but be punished at the end.
i think maybe we can end our story in the "butterfly" way: the ox is working on the field, piss off and sad. then he sees a grass. he bites it and chews....OMG, it's the best of the best food forever. never taste it before, even in the heaven...then the ox is happy.

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