Friday, September 28, 2007

I think both idea's are great but I'm still leaning towards Andy's food ending. one of Andy's points were that the whole film really is about food, and to end it on that note would make it give it some symbolic meaning. It has some real possibilities to make it funny and leave the audience laughing at the end. Also i wanted to talk about the point that Alex brought up about the narrator being the Ox. That would make a really cool tone for the story. Anyways I think the the story that we're coming too is really solid. lets pitch it to DQ on Monday and start thinking up some more gags for the new characters.

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chalky said...

I agree as well, although just a little confused as to why the story is all about food...I know it plays a big part of it, but not quite sure, but I'm sure we'll all sort it out on monday