Friday, September 28, 2007

On second thought....

Hey, sorry about all the posts with words and not, ya and stuff. But after talking over with Andy, the whole idea of the ox "earning his medal" (see my previous post if u dont know what I'm talking about) after all may not be the ideal way to go. He brought up a good point: By giving the ox his reward (star among the heavens) at the end, and having this all be a test of merit, it might ultimately cheapen the ox's decision. The Ox makes his choice, is punished, and must now live with his decision.

So what Andy was saying is at the end, the Ox is simply happy because he's got this delicious food. He's been reduced to the level of all of mankind now. He's one of them. The food is now basically reward enough for him. As a character who undergoes a huge change, he sees that reaching that original goal (the star among the heavens) is no longer important. He has risen above that level. HES OBTAINED OX NIRVANA!

So maybe I just confused everyone with the whole "the emperor is a wise yoda" previous post. I think it may work better keeping the emperor sort of cold and indifferent, and that makes the Ox's sympathy w/ the message, and ultimately, the ox's willingness to accept his punishment, and even be HAPPY at the end, all the more of a surpise to the audience. It shows he's a noble character. Without having to reward him with a big gold star!

What do you guys think?

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