Monday, September 24, 2007

rethinking the main ox character

to add to what brock posted up after our lil meeting at monahangs, where we discussed the story and main characters over a few beers in order to get the ideas flowings!

-the ox is more like a proud, selfish character, thinking about himself, not caring of the little earthlings who he has never seen before.

-this character has something in particular, his tail has a mind of its own.(it wips, points, grabs things when it wants to,etc.)

- when the ox is given his task, he isnt too happy ("what go down to earth to give them a message!! so lame! why do i have to do that, i dont want to waste my time to go down to see those losers!!) but being a simple celesteral beast in heaven, the goddly emperor has the last word and tells him to go send the message to the earthlings. [emperor lends him the goddly power in order to set the changes required]

-while his journey on earth, he discovers the amount of power the emperor gave him, and gets "power drunk", from time to time his tail will slap him to put him back on track.

- arriving at the eartlings tribe location camp, he realizes that they need alot of help and sides more with them then with the orders of the emperor.

-but his tail, oh no! he doesnt want to taste the consiquences of the faillure of a task , so tries to stop the ox character by slapping or grabbing him a side making him think before he speaks. ( the tail knows what the ox is thinking because he is also part of the ox but also reacts as a seperate character)
the ox decides to break the order and gives them the rights of eating 3 times a day instead of once every 3 day.

-because he disobeyed the emperor he is punished and must stay on earth to plow the field to make sure they produce enough food for their meals.

-ox feels proud of his action, but is annoyed by his weining tail.


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