Friday, July 18, 2008

Congrats fellow Penguins!!

I just wanted to say as a HOLLA and an update - YAY US for getting into the LA Shorts Film Fest AND Ottawa Intl Animation Fest 08! WAHOO!!!!!!!!!!

Greaaaaaaaaaaaat job Guys, all our crazy hard work is payin' off!!!!!

I hope everyone is having a FAAAAAB internship and rockin' good summa.

Stace :)

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brockorama said...

just to clarify, we're in the 2008 Teletoon Animation Scholarship Competition. It takes place during the Ottawa festival, but it aint the same thing. I say this because I dont want anybody going to the wrong screening! ;)

It looks like on August 18th the film will go up on Teletoon's website here: